Masterclass price is €300.00 for any student (payable in two steps: €200.00 at the subscription and  €100.00 at the beginning of the course). For the auditor the Masterclass price is €150.00 (payable in two steps: €100.00 at the subscription and  €50.00 at the beginning of the course). Please, for the payment, send us the application module.
For informations write to: or phone at the numbers: +39.0574.635775 +39.340.4717683 +39.0574.635775 (Fax)
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The Program
1.    The Masterclass it will take place in Prato in via Roma, 23a and it will last 5 days, from 3 to 7 January 2024 (Application stop to 27/12).
2.    The course is open to all vocal categories, and it will be dedicated to pupils and auditors.
3.    The masterclass will be divided in two steps, one regarding vocal tecnique and the other about vocal interpretation.
4.    On the first day, auditions will be provided for a best understanding of the vocal skill and study level. At the subscription the student has to declare the opera's aria that he's going to perform at the first trial.
5.    The subscription requires possibly the curriculm vitae, a photo an audio or video recording (only optional). The student has to perform italian three Opera's Arias (in italian language).
6.    The video track optional to:

7.    During the Masterclass, the teacher, will evaluate the best students for futures Florence Opera productions
8.    All foreigners students must have all italian required documents including social security for the italian medical assistance.
9.    At the receiving of the subcription fare students will be receiving By e-mail the complete Program of Courses.
10.  The Final Concert will be attended by all masterclasses students. It will take place in the night from 6.00 pm. Appropriate dressings are therefore required.
11.  At the end of Courses all students will be provided with a Masterclass Certificate of Florence Opera.
12.  Florence Opera will give a massive promotion to all events through best Media.

* The Masterclass will take place according to a minimum of students (Florence Opera has the right to determinate the minimum number of applications). They will be valid, only the application module, what will have the payment in advance, within three working days.

  • At the end of courses an important audition for art directors and musical operators, will take place, according to the future productions by Florence Opera. webmastering by Fidelio